New Threats On The Horizon

Most people see bugs as just pesky backyard nuisances. But as more housing springs up in once-rural areas, suburbanites are coming in much closer contact with mosquitoes and ticks capable of transmitting serious illnesses. And sometimes, a bug bite can mean big trouble.

What’s more, because many bug-borne diseases cause flulike symptoms, they can often be misdiagnosed and result in potentially serious complications. Doctors usually suspect an insect-related disease if you know you’ve recently been bitten or have spent time in a wooded area. The diagnosis is confirmed through a blood test.

“People should be aware of these diseases, and take precautions,” says Duane Gubler, Sc.D., director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) division of vector-borne infectious diseases, …

Slip A Snore Mouthpiece Into Your Mouth Before Sleeping

The snore mouthpiece is nothing but a device that you slip into your mouth before going to bed. This helps you in keeping your air passages clear so that your breathing is uninterrupted. Those that snore have felt a lot of fatigue through their days. They may think that they have had a good night’s sleep and yet feel tired through the following day. It is difficult to assess your own sleep patterns. There has been a lot of research and experimentation that leads one to believe that snoring can have long term impact that is negative to the overall sense of well-being.

snoring_problems_hurtTherefore, there has been a lot of talk about designing and manufacturing products or devices that can help people …

Writing Part-Time – Feasible For A Living?

wptfIt seems like everybody’s doing it. Part-time writing, I mean. This past summer, for example, full-time First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton started a weekly newspaper column for Creators Syndicate of Los Angeles. Full-time singer/songwriter Judy Collins was plugging her first novel, Shameless. And Little, Brown announced it was advancing full-time actor Ethan Hawke $300,000 for his first novel.

If they can do it, why can’t we?

Of course, for every part-time writer who snags a $300,000 advance, there are hundreds of other writers who struggle to pay for postage. Part-time writing has many rewards, but big money isn’t always one of them. A 1994 survey conducted for the Authors League Fund reported that the median hourly wage for “limited part-time” writers (those …

Give Credit Where It’s Due: Citing In Writing!

cwIn the recent movie Seven, Brad Pitt tracked down a killer who modeled his crimes after the seven deadly sins. If the killer had taken a more professional view of sin, he might have plotted quite differently. For a doctor, I suppose, the great sin is leaving a sponge in the patient. For an accountant, it’s got to be moving money from your clients’ ledgers to your own. And for a writer, of course, the deadliest sin is plagiarism.

Every writer has heard stories of careers ruined by a single, inexplicable slip of passing someone else’s work off as his or her own. Yet every writer also knows the importance of thorough research, including hitting the books with secondary sources–in short, using …

How To Set Up A Blog On Your Own

suyobIf ever you want to know how to set up a blog on your own, the first thing to do is to have the right knowledge on search engine optimization. There are numerous online sources that you can make use of about SEO so you will not have a hard time studying it. However, it is also important to consider the branding of the blog.

Before starting everything, you have to have a vision on what your blog will be about. This is so important because online users can remember your blog through the branding you have created. Thus, you should choose a niche properly if you are starting to know how to set up a blog. Through this way, you will …

Tax Tips For Bloggers!

ttfbEvery April 15th you have a chance to join the biggest literary community in the US: the hundreds of thousands of taxpayers whose Form 1040 read “Occupation: Writer.”

Unlike applying to a writers’ colony, everyone is automatically accepted. However, the IRS then calls in 1% of the applicants for an interview–also known as an audit–to decide who cuts the mustard. Writers who pass get to keep their deductions; the IRS brands the rest mere hobbyists.

Fortunately, advice for writers abounds in the Internal Revenue Code, the IRS’s regulations and the Tax Court’s case law. Heeding this advice will greatly increase your chances of writing off your expenses. What’s more, the guidelines resemble the tips your writing coach might give you.

Uncle Sam’s

7 Steps For Organizing Your Articles

7sfoybLet’s say you’re writing a piece titled “How to Grow Bigger and Brighter Begonias.” Before you start writing, organize your research material through a system of indexing and filing; you must know where everything is and how to get at it easily. (If your notes or interview transcripts aren’t extensive, you can simply number your notebook pages, then make a list of broad information categories with references to page numbers.

* Stop thinking of your article as an article. Concentrate only on the first step-your opening. What is it about growing begonias that most interests you? What will be most interesting and valuable to your target reader?

Start writing with a good begonia-related line that will grab readers’ attention, set the right …