Best Demonoid Proxy Sites That Are 100% Working Right Now!

demonoid proxy sites

Is Demonoid website blocked for you? Are you unable to access the website? Are you looking for the best alternatives to use? If yes, then you are on the right page as you will find the best Demonoid proxy sites in this article that will help you unblock the domain.

Unlike most of the other torrent sites that you are familiar with, Demonoid is a torrent distribution forum and it’s not exactly as public as the other websites.

However, they share some of the best torrents for movies, TV shows, anime as well as software and apps with their users and if you too are registered with the site, you too can download them.

Even though the site has a very large user base and it has grown popular over the years, there’s no denying that they deal in copyrighted content. This means that the website get blocked quite often, and it has also been banned in a lot of countries.

Thankfully, there are proxy sites and mirror sites that you can use to bypass the restrictions and access the torrent site. Using the several Demonoid proxy sites listed in this article below, you can start downloading torrents once again.

About Demonoid:

Demonoid is one of the oldest torrent index website as it was launched back in 2003; and unlike other torrent sites, it doesn’t host any of the files on its own servers.

Ever since the site started getting popular, the domain name has been changed a lot of times as the official domain was blocked due to government policies, but each time the site has managed to come back.

Moreover, in February 2019, the ownership of the official domain of the website was lost and the owners had urged the users to avoid visiting the website. But it seems that it was only shortlived as the site has started to come online again, albeit at a different address, but you need to be registered user to access the website.

Since there is a high chance that the website may be blocked, banned or restricted in your country, by your government or by your internet service provider, you should always know which Demonoid proxy sites are working.

We have listed some of the best working proxy and mirror sites that are live at the time of writing this. You can use these websites to bypass the restrictions and get access to the official website.

List of the Best Demonoid Proxy Sites:


These are some of the proxy websites that are currently online, but there’s no guarantee how long they will be online because there’s a high chance that by the time you are visiting this page, some or all of these sites may have been blocked as well or were taken offline.

So, what can you do at times like this when none of the proxy sites work? Use a VPN app!

How to Unblock Demonoid using VPN?

A VPN software is one of the best ways to unblock any website you want by masking your IP address.

This way you can easily bypass the restrictions placed on a particular website in your country and access the content with ease.

There are ton of such VPN apps available, both free and paid, and you can find the best one with a simple Google Search. Download the VPN software, select a country where you think the website is live and online and connect to a new server. Now, you will be able to use any website, including Demonoid!

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