Best EZTV Proxy – List of Working Mirror Sites to Unblock EZTV

Are you unable to use EZTV? Is EZTV blocked in your region? Are you looking for some working alternatives to unblock the website? If yes, then there are many methods to unblock any blocked site and several alternatives to use if nothing works.

EZTV is one of the most popular websites when it comes to TV series as you can find the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows there almost immediately after their air date. And even though it’s so soon, they don’t compromise on the quality because all the episodes uploaded on the site are of the best quality possible.

Although the site attracts millions of users every day, it still deals with copyrighted content and as such, it’s natural that it might be blocked in several countries including your own because that’s why you are looking for ways to unblock EZTV.

There are several ways to unblock EZTV and gain access to its huge library; and in this article, we are going to take a look at some of them.

How to Unblock EZTV?

Since the website runs into trouble all the time with the authorities of different countries, the domain names keep changing. Not only that, the website gets banned altogether and the main site might be down right now.

If the main site is not down, but you are unable to access it then it is blocked and you can either use one of the EZTV proxy sites or a VPN app to bypass the restrictions.

There are a lot of proxy and mirror sites live right now, some created by the ex-staffers of the original website and some created by internet geeks who love the website and like to share it with as many people as possible. The point is, there are a ton of such sites that help you unblock the website.

You can even use TOR browser to unblock the website or a free VPN app to mask your IP address and bypass the restrictions your internet provider or the authorities in your country may have placed.

List of the Best EZTV Proxy Sites:

The proxy sites listed below are hosted in the countries who haven’t blocked them yet, so accept the fact that they might get blocked and go offline at any moment.

But right now, these mirrors are live and working and help you get access to the massive library of EZTV website so go check it out!


At this moment, the sites listed above are the only EZTV proxy sites that are working but we will be adding new sites as soon as we find them.

Meanwhile, the best way to unblock any restricted website is to use a VPN app and since there a ton of free VPNs available, you should definitely give one of them a try!

Is It Worth Using EZTV Proxy Sites?

The website itself is one of the most popular destinations on the Internet when it comes to downloading popular TV episodes in high quality, so there’s really no competition in that regard.

There are other torrent websites that provide you with the latest episodes, but sites like EZTV that only deals with TV shows and don’t focus on other content like movies or anime and cartoon are rare. This allows them to provide the highest quality material you are looking for, and you will never leave disappointed because you will always find the TV show you’ve been looking for on the site.

So, yes, it is totally worth using the EZTV proxy sites but I would recommend you to be careful because most of the sites are filled with advertisements and pop-ups and you don’t want to click or download something suspicious.

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